Lightweight Application

Crepex requires only a thin layer of paint to offer full benefits. This saves a lot of material and reduces the weight stress on the structure. One coat 30 micron CREPEX covered with any paint is enough to protect the base material.

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Scientifically Tested

Crepex has undergone extensive testing, and passed all goals with ease. We are preparing the tests for reinforced concrete, CREPEX with Comaxit, wooden constructions etc.

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Chemical Bond

The coating system is based on the chemical reaction of rust (iron oxides) with a chemical compound and creates a long lasting protective coating.


The protective film coating cannot be damaged by bending, compressing or expanding the material. Crepex retains its mechanical qualities for the entire lifetime of the application.

Abrasion Resistant

Protective film created by coating CREPEX is partially resistant to mechanical damage. During testing, the coating has resisted sand blasting.

Flame Retardant

The protective film coating formed by CREPEX prevents the spread of fire. The coating survives high temperatures intact, protecting the material even after a fire.

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